Omega Phi Gamma was founded at the University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 1995. The founding fathers were originally brought together by their sister sorority, Sigma Phi Omega. The founders took the Sigma Phi Omega big brother program and merged it with close friends to form the original group of brothers. What they envisioned was an Asian American organization that truly promoted the principles of brotherhood and provided a balance between community service and social activity.

The founding fathers came together for the first time on November 18, 1994. On December 2, 1994, the founders officially introduced themselves with a new fraternity tradition, the step show. During the spring of 1995, they began working on a charter from other already established Asian fraternities. However, they were unimpressed with the quality of the fraternities they visited, and so the founders voted unanimously to start a fraternity from scratch, Omega Phi Gamma.

After the founders created Omega Phi Gamma, one of its early members propose to create a brother fraternity and asked for support in building another fraternity from scratch which is now Delta Epsilon Psi, a South Asian interest fraternity. Alongside with Sigma Phi Omega and Delta Epsilon Psi they created the original Tri-fam and has one of the strongest bonds between organizations.




Founding Fathers

  • Alex Chang
  • Ting Chang
  • Tom Chang
  • Charlie Chang
  • Christian Fernandez
  • Michael Gong
  • Minh Ha
  • Jeff Ho
  • Nguyen Ho
  • Dave Lee
  • Matthew Lee
  • Michael Lee
  • Sung Lim
  • Hsin-Lei Liu
  • Thomas Nguyen
  • Andy Pan
  • William Reeves
  • Andrew To
  • Joseph Yu
  • Stephen Yuen